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    All recordings for SUMMIT 2021

    • Welcome to the Course!

    • Leadeship Keynote

    • Women Wellbeing

    • Buddies Space journey

    • Diversity and Inclusion in GME

    • How to Thrive Radiology Residency

    • Utilizing audio drop in chat in surgery mentorship

    • Research track during the residency

    • The Emotional PPE project

    • Financial Wellbeing

    • DBT Skills

    • Online global networking Psychiatry Trainee

    • Impact of COVID-19 Trauma on residents

    • The route to be board certified in Genetics

    • Resources for Wellbing

    • internal medicine 1

    • internal medicine 2

    • Psychiatry Residency

    • Neurology residency

    • What you need to know about Hematology-Oncology Fellowship

    • Pediatric residency


Ahmed Kolkailah


Dr. Ahmed A. Kolkailah is originally from Cairo, Egypt where he earned his Medical Degree Summa Cum Laude at Ain Shams University. He is a current Chief Medical Resident at Cook County Health in Chicago, IL and a rising Cardiology Fellow at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He did a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School prior to starting his residency training and later completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research at Rush University Graduate College.

Ghada Mohamed


Graduate of Ain Shams School of medicine summa cum laude. Former resident at Department of Neurology, Ain Shams University Hospitals. Graduate of Henry Ford Neurology residency and a future Vascular Neurology fellow at Emory University Hospitals. Why did you join Buddies Space? It is a great opportunity to exchange our experiences aboutresidency and the match process especially for IMGs.

Ummul Z. Asfeen


I am Ummul Z. Asfeen, Resident Physician PGY-1 at New York Medical College, Saint Micheal's Med Center in Newark, NJ. I just finished my medical schooling from NYITCOM (New York Institute Of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine). I'm very well versed with both IMG and AMG path to residency. Being passionate about mentorship, I enjoy creating a roadmap to assist residency applicants reach their goals. It is my way of paying forward. I am passionate about physician well being, access to care, patient and physician advocacy. I am also a Research Enthusiast and a very compassionate person in general. Outside of work I enjoy blogging on Instagram, baking and spending time with my loved one!!

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What People Are Saying About This Course

“We could not be more delighted to have Dr. Francis Lu as a speaker in our summit. He will be talking about a topic of utmost importance: Implementing the 2019 ACGME Common Program Requirement on Diversity and Inclusion. ”


“. In a video clip, I saw how this breathing technique had helped war veterans, civilians whose lives had been torn apart by wars, people in poverty stricken villages, and inner city teens labeled as violent and high risk. After a weekend course led by Dr. Richard Brown (a true hero!), I saw how the technique could be effective. Since taking the workshop I have been a happier, more focused, less depressed, less anxious, and calmer individual. I have cut two of the four medications out of my life, and I am lowering the dosages on the others. I attribute this to the gift of breath work that I now happily incorporate into my daily routine. JM - woman who works on William Street with office windows that faced the WTC Towers ”


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