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Ahmed Kolkailah


Dr. Ahmed A. Kolkailah is originally from Cairo, Egypt where he earned his Medical Degree Summa Cum Laude at Ain Shams University. He is a current Chief Medical Resident at Cook County Health in Chicago, IL and a rising Cardiology Fellow at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He did a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School prior to starting his residency training and later completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research at Rush University Graduate College.

Ghada Mohamed


Graduate of Ain Shams School of medicine summa cum laude. Former resident at Department of Neurology, Ain Shams University Hospitals. Graduate of Henry Ford Neurology residency and a future Vascular Neurology fellow at Emory University Hospitals. Why did you join Buddies Space? It is a great opportunity to exchange our experiences aboutresidency and the match process especially for IMGs.

Sanya Varni


Dr. Virani is a PGY-6 Forensic Psychiatry Fellow at the Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine. She graduated from the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine in June 2021. She served as the Chief Resident of Education and Research at Maimonides Medical Center, NY and the American Psychiatric Association&;s (APAs) Assembly Area 2 (New York state) and Brooklyn Psychiatric Society Resident-Fellow Member (RFM) Representative (2019-2020). She is now the RFM Trustee on the APA and Board of Trustees and the host of the Psychiatric News and APA Publishing Podcast, “Finding Our Voice”. Dr. Vivian Pender, Dr. Dilip Jeste and Dr. Saul Levin. She is also a 2021 Laughlin Fellow of theAmerican College of Psychiatrists.

Call to action to support Physician in training mental Well-being

More than 300 physicians pass secondary to suicide yearly making it one of the professions with the highest rates of suicide of any profession. Male and female physicians die by suicide 1.41 and 2.27 times greater than the general population respectively. In residency alone, about 28% of residents experience a major depressive episode compared to 7% of similarly aged non physician individuals. Residents and Fellows are thus placed in a particularly vulnerable position. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, too many interns, residents, and fellows were forced to work in conditions that impaired their ability to provide quality patient care. Facing sleep deprivation, overwork, and inadequate access to medical and mental health treatment, residents caring for their communities were not being properly cared for themselves. The challenges residents have faced for generations are only exacerbated by Covid 19 . For that reason BuddiesSpace calls for action to improve access for mental health services for Trainees in the healthcare system, with an attention to the special challenges to each group.


“After the webinar, I felt like I could pinpoint the moments throughout my life that led me to this path, and I can write about my own personal journey now. ”

L.A. (Pediatric Residency, applicant, Match 2021)

“I so appreciated your enthusiasm both for child psychiatry and for educating students and trainees who are interested in the field. ”

A.V(Medical student, MD Candidate, Class of 2023)

“Thank you for the informative and comprehensive webinar on the personal statement. It helped me become more oriented on how to approach the matter and I finally feel like I can put pen to paper and actually start with the first draft.”

L.A. (Pediatric Residency, applicant, Match 2021

“Thank you for the informative and comprehensive webinar on the personal statement. It helped me become more oriented on how to approach the matter and I finally feel like I can put pen to paper and actually start with the first draft.”

“ L.A. (Pediatric Residency, applicant, Match 2021)

“In a video clip, I saw how this breathing technique had helped war veterans, civilians whose lives had been torn apart by wars, people in poverty stricken villages, and inner city teens labeled as violent and high risk. After a weekend course led by Dr. Richard Brown (a true hero!), I saw how the technique could be effective. Since taking the workshop I have been a happier, more focused, less depressed, less anxious, and calmer individual. I have cut two of the four medications out of my life, and I am lowering the dosages on the others. I attribute this to the gift of breath work that I now happily incorporate into my daily routine. JM - woman who works on William Street with office windows that faced the WTC Towers ”


“For over ten years I have been utilizing breath exercises in my psychiatric practice as a powerful compliment to any type of therapy my patients are receiving. The Breath-Body-Mind techniques are particularly effective at reducing the type of nervous system stress those with trauma histories and PTSD suffer from. I've seen many patients experience immediate improvements in their anxiety levels and sense of calm from this outstanding program. Lauri Liskin, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Weil-Cornell Medical College-New York Presbyterian Hospital ”


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